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Beautiful Classic Jewish Quotes About the Land of Israel

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Beautiful Classic Jewish Quotes About the Land of Israel


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anonymous May 5, 2022

may Israel be blessed and protected forever and ever

may Hashem gather in His jewish exiles now into Israel Reply

Miri Menamin, MA San Clemente May 3, 2022

Beautiful and uplifting - loved it! Thank you. Reply

Anonymous Eretz Yisroel May 9, 2019

Classic Jewish quotes about the land of Israel May 9, 2019 There is really no way to describe what tis land is. The Torah is a different type of entity. It is essential that one looks beneath the surface. If one is ready or not ready to look beneath the surface
within or without. It has a vision of the future and the past at the same time. It sculptes your face and you are never the same. one can see it on the faces of the children.

It is very humbling to walk where the Avos (our forefathers) still walk and korbonos are still being brought and the Beis Ha Mikdash still stands even if we can't see it. Come see it
It transcends time and space. It's in forever. And Hashem' s presence is here even though we are in Gullis. The Gemara says that one who lives here has a G-d.

May we all be blessed to live here, after all we were told that one should make Eretz Yisroel here (in exile). Yet there is different sky here. After so long we are finally here. It is a special privilege to ascend here. It's harder to fool oneself here. Reply

David Harold Chester Petach Tikva. Israel. May 4, 2022
in response to Anonymous:

When we recite the Brichat HaMazon or blessings after food, we include in them thanks for the food, for the land and for the Torah. The last two factors are significant as well as the first, because the land of Israel was given to us for the purpose of growing the food upon it and this is to be done and provided according to the ways specified in the Jewish Laws of Torah. Reply

Jacquelyn Contreras Portland May 8, 2019

Thank you. I will never forget my first Shabbat sunset in Israel, and the morning service under a canopy in the Judean hills. Why me? I will ever praise You, I love you, Hashem, and what you love, I will love forever. Reply

Anonymous EU May 8, 2019

Thank you for putting this together. Its uplifting. Makes one even in the West want to be in the land of the Middle East with YHWH. Reply

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