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Synagogues Around the World

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Synagogues Around the World

A virtual tour across five continents
High Holidays, Synagogue, Rosh Hashanah

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Anonymous January 5, 2014

Re: no sephardic synagogues The Touro synagogue is also Ashkenazi! Reply

Anonymous Earth November 2, 2013

No Sephardic Synagogues? Both the Touro Synagogue, and Beit Yaakob are both Sephardic(one spanish, the other syrian). The Koisel (Kosel,Kotel,Kothal,(Remind me if I left any pronunciations out)) is not sephardi, ashkenazi, mizrahi, temani, etheopian, indian. It is for all Jews Reply

Jakel LA February 26, 2013

Video I wish this video picked upand mentioned those in smaller countries or at least show a picture of them. This would be more appropriate to the title of this video, Synagogues-Around-the-World. Reply

Anonymous toronto, canada December 4, 2010

jews of the world Jews are of many nations colours and features. This video is only portraying them as white. This is a very bad stereotype.

Please update this video. This is misleading. Reply

Irwin J. Miller Stamford, CT. USA via September 16, 2010

The synagogue of Cong. Jeshuat Israel in Newport, R.I. is the oldest existing one in the U.S. but was not the first one to be built in the U.S.That distinction belongs to Cong. Shearith Israel in N.Y. which dedicated its first synagogue building in 1730 at what is now 18-22 So. William St. (then Mill St.) remaining there until 1834 before moving uptown to Crosby St. & subsequent moves. Reply

Elanith Waskar Raanana, Israel April 26, 2010

India The most beautiful Synagogues from India esp. Mumbai and Cochin are left out. Reply

mutheu nairobi, kenya December 31, 2009

synagogues all the synagogues are beautiful Reply

sam china, msa November 11, 2009

UK? Has the UK vanished off the map?
Where are the wonderful temples we have in the UK ????
Loved the synagogue in russia. looks so beautiful. Reply

Jiya Stuff New York, NY September 22, 2009

Chabad, please update this video. To be fair to its title " Synagogues around the World", Chabad needs to update this video to mention the other regions of the world where there are Jews that are smaller communities but need a reference in such a documentary.

I hope Chabad does not cater to only regions where Ashkenazi Jews came from and this is just an error that can be corrected with an updated version of this video. Reply

Anonymous Sydney (Bondi), NSW, Australia September 22, 2009

Synagogues around the world Why did your leave out Australia!!!!!!
We have synagogues older than most of those you have shown.
Australia is the only Diaspora country growing more observant and with a growing Jewish population. Reply

bernard h campbell savannah, georgia usa September 17, 2009

synagogues around the world Shalom, the video is beautiful, but what about the American Black Hebrews that live in Isreal, we are Jews also! So please let the other people know about us also, thank you. Reply

Frank Ortiz miami, florida January 25, 2008

Jews of Puerto Rico Did you know about the jews of Puerto Rico if you dont check out Reply

Samuel Benjamin Apex, NC September 12, 2007

Missee many countries..... Did you know about Jews in India, China, Puerto Rico, etc. I believe this video only shows the more popular and the well off regions.

I wish this video picked upand mentioned those in smaller countries or at least show a picture of them. This would be more appropriate to the title of this video, Synagogues-Around-the-World.

Regards, Reply

yonatan eisenberg Beit Shemesh, Israel September 10, 2007

I'd love to See More!! Beautiful way to strengthen our awarenes of our fellow Jews around the world Reply

danielle sarah September 6, 2007

Happy New Year wishing you the best this year..... Reply

Freddy Sacal Mexico, DF August 27, 2007

wonderful. I really enjoyed it. Reply

Al & Fran Markowitz ft. lauderdale, florida August 17, 2007

wonderful pictures, those of the wall brought back memories of our visit, happy new year to all and a good fast Reply

Anonymous myrtle beach, sc June 25, 2007

great video!! what beautiful shuls!! Reply

Anonymous richmond, va January 11, 2007

the tour of the temples was wonderful Reply

Anonymous January 9, 2007

Budapest The Great Budapest Temple was never Orthodox, that's what my grandfather always told me. Reply