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Lekach: A Piece of Honey Cake

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Lekach: A Piece of Honey Cake

The Rebbe distributes the traditional lekach - sweet honey cake for a sweet year
Lubavitcher Rebbe, High Holidays, Lekach

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Anonymous September 13, 2013

Honey cake... a sweetness a husband brings home to his bride The Torah teachings... Chumash... each day a portion of sweet cake the man of the house brings into his house to feed his house... to honor... to remember to remember that someday we will be eating Lekach in G_d's house with G_d our Father and King.

True sweetness... comes from the knowing of the Torah... the emphasis is on the man who is G_d's house... he is to bring G_d in so G_d can bring us home... just as the sweet Lekach of the Torah teaches

This is video is one of our favorites - watch
Our Father, Our King By Dov Greenberg Reply

Anonymous WLaf, IN September 17, 2010

Response to Rabbi Tzvi Freeman Ah! Many thanks. I am working with my new study partner (we began two weeks ago and she is amazing!) and trying to learn, but a feminist from as far back as the days of "Women's Liberation" and the Equal Rights Ammendment, I am still trying to feel my way along on my travels to return home. Reply

Rabbi Tzvi Freeman September 17, 2010

Re: Women In general, there would be a separate line for women. For the honey-cake line, however, far fewer women came, since the cake was meant for the entire family and so the man would go and receive for his family. There was a concerted effort to give the Rebbe less work on such a day. Reply

Anonymous WLafayette, IN September 16, 2010

Women Like Susan, I am wondering, where are the women? Reply

maria taissa lewkowicz e fernando málaga rio de janeiro, brasil September 15, 2010

lekach thanks a lot. our family in brasil rio de janeiro aprecciate so much the great video. we wish peace for israel and a good year for the rabbi and for the chabbad Reply

Richard Wolfson Portsmouth, Ohio September 25, 2009

La Shana Tova B"H By G-d's grace (isn't everything?), I returned to Cincinnati to Chabad of Southern Ohio for the holidays. My soul is recharged! After years of seeking what could never touch the Jewish neshama, 12 steps saved my life, but Chabad (baruch HaShem) continues to save my soul. I am forever grateful. -Richard Wolfson, Portsmouth, Ohio Reply

Sarah from New York brooklyn September 25, 2009

women? How come you don't show the Rebbe giving Lekach to the women? I find that it was part of the uniqueness of the Rebbe, that women were always included in anything he distributed , be it dollars, Tanyas, Kuntresim or Lekach. Reply

E. Tauby Richmond , BC October 8, 2008

Lekach Thank you for the beautiful video of Lekach from the Rebbe. It brought back precious memories of receiving Lekach from the Rebbe's holy hand. I can almost feel its spongy texture and smell its sweet aroma. Most of all though, I can recall the Rebbe's beautiful smile and warm wishes. With prayers for the Geula Now and a Gmar Chasima Tova. Reply

David Eshkol ben Moshe Clermont, FL September 23, 2008

Elul Videos I am visiting USA from Israel during Elul and these videos help me connect tol the holiness of Yamim Nora'im even amidst galut. Thank you Rebbe z"l and Chabad for including all Jews everywhere. Baruch Hashem... Reply

Sarah Chaya Crown Heights, NY October 15, 2006

Thank you for putting up inpirational films to reconnect with the Rebbe. Reply

David USA October 3, 2006

Videos Wonderful videos. Thank you for making them available. They are very inspirational. Reply

Richard Wolfson Portsmouth, Ohio-USA October 3, 2006

Yom Tov @ Chabad B"H
I live in rural southern Ohio, just outside of Yemminsvelt, but I was, by HaShem's blessing, able to spend the Holidays by Chabad in Cincinnati. I felt as if brought home from golus! How warm and loving..and I didn't need a ticket, only to bring myself. Chabad has been a blessing for me throughout my life. G-d blesses us all with you and your outreach. Thank you and Baruch HaShem! Reply

Chana Hoppe Stockton, CA September 28, 2006

The Rebbe's inspiration .... As I watch these and other clips of the Rebbe at 770, I am inspired to subdue my animal soul and seek to behave in decent and kinder ways...Chabad and my relationship with other dear followers of the Rebbe has changed my life and I suspect will continue to until Moshiach comes. Baruch Hashem! Reply

Rivkah Germany September 27, 2006

Thank you for posting these insprational movies Reply

ruthy September 22, 2006

What a bracha...To see the videos of the Rebbe ! Reply

Gideon Levy Houston, TZ USA September 21, 2006

the great movies We all need more "great energy" like the rebbe had all his life. Yeshar kohace. Reply

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