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Selichot with the Rebbe

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Selichot with the Rebbe

The post-midnight “supplication” prayers are a unique blend of solemnity and joy.
Wineberg, R. Yosef, Lubavitcher Rebbe, High Holidays, Selichot

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Chana Konikov satellite , fl September 6, 2012

Your videos are always amazing and inspiring Reply

Hanlie Gordon Pretoria, South Africa September 2, 2010

selicot with the rebbe Love it, love it, love it!!
Thank you Reply

Roman Rice Seattle, WA May 5, 2008

Emuna Spirit The emuna spirit always gets going when I see the Rebbe. Reply

J September 21, 2007

Music and narration over prayers? It really ruins the whole thing, since we can't hear any of the prayers. Which is the point, why not narration when they aren't praying????? Reply

Solomon Israel Brooklyn, NY September 22, 2006

online movies They are well made, have great commentary or dialogue, all the praises etc. Keep up the good work throughout the year! Reply

karin post September 22, 2006

Oops did not know my comment would be posted! But than again my name Post might have been the reason!?.
But no worry, i am very thankful for your advice and made me feel good!
I'll post a bodyguard for my heart in the future!
Happy New Year Reply

Anonymous calabasas, ca,usa via September 22, 2006

no worries
Dear Karin,

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karin post September 21, 2006

your video's Thanks for the email, the intensity in your celebration towards God is wonderful to see. I hope for everlasting peace for the Jewish people in Israël and abroad,

(And for myself I wish that my boyfriend will feel tremendously sorry that he has broke up with me, and that he will beg me to be his future partner, his name is Sebastian and he has cute cottage in Spain near the coast)

Shalom oe lehietraot Reply

ZAFIRS MONTREAL, CANADA September 21, 2006

In the merit of the Rebbe, may we have a good and blessed year! Reply

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