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High Holidays with the Rebbe - Introduction

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High Holidays with the Rebbe

Join us as we spend the "head" and nerve center of the Jewish year with the Rebbe
Lubavitcher Rebbe, High Holidays, Tishrei

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Anonymous toronto September 8, 2013

Toda Raba for all you are doing. You are teaching us, giving us hope, friendship, strength & courage. Reply

Joseph Barry Gurdin San Francisco, CA September 19, 2012

Shanah tovah u'metukah v'todah rabah! Dear Chabad,

During 5773 may HaShem continue to bestow upon you health, wisdom, happiness, strength, prosperity, and peace so that you can continue to do such beautiful work conveying the spiritual gifts of our long tradition to the contemporary generation through the tools of the digital age.

I thank you with all my heart for helping to restore this world in our times.

Shalom, Reply

Mike September 16, 2012

Shana Tova I want to thank for all I have learned from their emails, As a previous non practicing Jew, I was able to learn so much from theses short emails that has aligned my life with much clearity and happiness, Shana Tova Chabad may everything you want and need be fulfilled. Reply

Anonymous Merrick, NY September 2, 2010

My Prayer May the world be blessed by peace this year. May the Jewish people no longer live in fear and live with pride everywhere. May all the people of the earth recognize that there is but one G-d. That He is responsible for all the blessings we enjoy. May we all be grateful to Him.Please G-d protect us and endow us with knowledge and inclination to do what is right before your eyes. Please grant us peace,happiness health and prosperity. Reply

Joel September 23, 2008

Absolutely touching. Reply

Julia Rosina October 9, 2007

Peace of Jerusalem May ALMIGHTY G-D be with our beloved Jerusalem let us never gorget to pray for the peace of Jerusalem and all of Israel! Reply

arlene moore Spokane Valley, Wa. October 8, 2007

54 yrs. old and jewish that was a great story-I too was once a secular Jew-I didn't flunk out of Sunday school-I just went to the candy store-Chabad has much to offer and is a great web-site to learn from-I wish you all the best. we all have to start somewhere right? Reply

Anonymous NYC, NY October 6, 2007

I AM 54 YEARS OLD AND JEWISH Looking at this site I learned more in 5 minutes than I knew in a lifetime. I flunked out in Hebrew school as a kid and have never been to a service in my life and did not know what the Holidays were about. It was always too confusing to me, but for the first time in my life i read a succinct explanation. While I will never be religous because I am a secular Jew, this is a great sight which I intend to go back to in order to finally learn more about the religion, because I admit that I know nothing. But I do take off from work on Yom Kippur. That is the extent of what I do. Reply

Allen Neuhauser Phoenix, AZ September 21, 2007

5768 L' Shanah Tovah to all Jews.
May the New Year be a sweet one and bless us all more each day. May G-d protect Israel and its military from any enemies. May peace come to Israel and the world soon. May everyone have a healthy New Year. May Chabad receive all it needs to continue being here for all of us. Reply

Carol Reid Port Moody, Canada September 20, 2007

This site is a blessing! Thanks to everyone who in some way made this site available for everyone.
Thanks so much Reply

Terri B Eustis, Fl/USA September 11, 2007

Above thought From your thoughts to G-d's ears. Shana Tova. Reply

Anonymous Luzerne, EEUU September 9, 2007

If I had one wish, what would IT be? Be one united family. Peace between brothers and sisters, because the Peace starts from inside out. Try to be the best of ourselves in this World. Reply

Arlene Moore Spokane Valley, Wa. September 2, 2007

Thank You I have been richly blessed-Chabad has come to Spokane!! We have a wonderful Rabbi, his wife and their two adorable children-Now we here in Spokane are blessed! Reply

Anonymous September 1, 2007

"If I had one wish, what would IT be" That humanity would one day wake to the realization that We are ONE and we were created to LOVE EACH OTHER and were CREATED in the IMAGE of our CREATOR and we should do everything in OUR POWER to make our creator proud of His CREATION by having good THOUGHTS. SPEAKING, and DOING good for each other. "This is FAR from a pipe dream, this should be our REALITY" We all return to Him when the time comes, so why not make him proud and happy of His CREATION. Simple is as simple does. Reply

Anonymous Australia October 2, 2006

even reading the comments just makes me so proud of who i am. a gut yor to you all. moshiach now!!! Reply

Lucy Surrey, B.C. Canada September 28, 2006

essences Peace among the humanity, it is provide by the Chabad, full of love and understandings, the essences that to us illuminated in any via, any trail. Respect for one another, Chabad is all abaut. Reply

Arlene Moore spokane valley, wa September 28, 2006

thank you thank you so much for your "e"mail- I have learned so much and am still learning-may g-d richly bless you in this new year-my wish is that i continue to grow and learn and pray that a chabad community will come to spokane valley, Reply

Micheline Fayes Caracas, Venezuela September 27, 2006

I wish peace for Israel and to the whole world
the enemy of Israel will be destroyed They want to eliminate the State of Israel and leave their people in eternal ignorance. Reply

meir weiss September 27, 2006

no JB, IT will be infinitely better.:) it will never be the same.
Posted By JB, ny, usa

no JB, IT will be infinitely better. we will see our rebbe again, healthy and strong... Reply

Ya`akov N. Miles Vancouver, BC Canada September 26, 2006

New Year's Wish We want Moshiah now! Reply