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Tishrei with the Rebbe (Film Trailer)

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Tishrei with the Rebbe (Film Trailer)

Lubavitcher Rebbe, High Holidays

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Feigele Boca Raton, Florida September 16, 2009

A Tzadik The Rebbe was a Tzadik. His tears for the suffering of the people, his compassion for the poor and the sick and his spreading of the words of G-d of peace and hope all over the world and his mitzvahs all coming from his neshoma (soul). This is the description of a Tzadik. Devoting his life for human kind. His name should live forever. Reply

Anonymous ny, usa September 15, 2009

inspired the video really inspired me. Reply

Rivkah Bergman Brooklyn, NY August 8, 2008

The videos of the Rebbe, Z'T When I want to bring down holiness in my home, I open up the computer to Chabad.org, and click on one of the videos of the Rebbe, Z'TL. The Rebbe's voice and presence permeates holiness. I thank Hashem that I saw the Rebbe in person, and had a connection with him. Reply

Anonymous mc allen, tx September 20, 2007

Rebbe B H very moving clips of the Rebbe z l Reply

Lilia I. Portilla Victorville, CA/USA October 1, 2006

Gratitude I thank G-d for the great blessing of allowing me to see all these videos that inspired me and made me cry... Reply

isaac levy Sao Paulo, Brazil September 26, 2006

high hollydays with the REBBE As we have had my four sons studying in Morristaown ans 770 and we always went to to see the REBBE we feel that we were there Reply