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Tehillim 119: Verses of Chaf

Studying Tehillim: Chapter 119 (verses of Chaf, part 1)
The opening sentiments of Chaf’s verses detail King David’s sincerely soulful longing for the Creator’s comforting salvation. Set against a backdrop of concepts related to the 11th letter of the Hebrew alphabet, we engage in meticulous analysis of the monarch’s heartfelt pining for G-d's word and presence; completing the circle of the Sweet Singer's crowning hope and aspiration that must serve as guidance and inspiration for us to experience profoundly passionate yearning for a better world saturated in global G-d consciousness and universal peace and prosperity. (Psalm 119, verses 81-82)
Studying Tehillim: Chapter 119 (verses of Chaf, part 2)
In an anguished cry Israel's sweet singer laments being dry as a “wineskin-in-smoke.” Yet, despite his enemies trying to wring out every last drop of devotion – he has remained utterly devoted to his Maker. “How many more are my days” he asks, desiring to see divine retribution directed against the wicked. After establishing the literal meaning of these cryptic verses - based on the inspired classic commentaries - we embark on a journey through a jumble of Torah ideas and traditions to develop an understanding of this unusual metaphor and request. (Psalm 119, verses 83-84)
Studying Tehillim: Chapter 119 (verses of Chaf, part 3)
The lyrical leader’s enemies destructively dug traps; yet his faithfulness fortified him throughout. With multiple metaphoric meanings of layered language exposed, we’re privy to the depraved depths David’s detractors sank; ever deviously and deceitfully discrediting him. Our melodious monarch’s prophetic poetry resonates in personal struggles, yet in these sacred words, our Sages also saw allusion to our historical travails and triumph; fully reflective of our unique saga of survival despite the genocidal attempts of our hateful foes over the ages. (Psalm 119, verses 85-88)
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