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Samach Vav: Vehayah Ki HaMitzvah, Part 4

נעוץ תחלתן בסופן

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Samach Vav: Vehayah Ki HaMitzvah, Part 4: נעוץ תחלתן בסופן

Absolute beginning is found only in absolute end. Likewise, the absolute end is the singular expression of the ineffable cause of all, i.e. the absolute beginning. Although fulfilment of the Ratzon, which initiates and drives the evolutionary chain of being, is achieved only in Sof Maaseh (the very end), Ratzon is not, Techilah, but rather the first definable stage and primary drive on creation. As such, it itself is part of the process from which being emerges. Techilah, is the transcendent, consummate source of all, including Ratzon (revealed and hidden).
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