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The Myth That Judaism Is Anti-Pleasure

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The Myth That Judaism Is Anti-Pleasure

Judaism wants us to have pleasure. In fact the very first mitzvah of the Torah sets the stage for pleasure. Shabbat and holidays are also days for pleasure and delight. But there is a difference between Jewish pleasures and just running after every pleasure.
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Pleasure; Delight; Fun

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Edwin Pope Ki Ki December 26, 2018

Hello Shifra

I have just finished watching "The myth that Judaism is Anti-Pleasure". I have been learning all about Judaism for several years with Chabad; have learned much but so much more to learn. As a Christian I was not offended by what you said, in fact I was amused because I find much of what you said, correct. Leaders of the Christian Churches have been worried for years on the decline of the Christian Church. The reason really is attitude of the main Churches Catholic and Anglican and in some respect the miner denominations; it is the words, 'suffering for Christ' and I and others have been trying to bring change, so far without much success. Often I see the problem of receiving pleasure in our faith starts at the top (generally in this world it does). For some reason I am different because I love my faith, enjoy my faith, no one has to order me to be happy- I am always happy and there are times when G_d makes me happy. It is my pleasure and his pleasure. Thank you, Reply

Rita Forbes MD November 28, 2018

Ms. Shifra

Thank you for a passionate and interesting lecture. Psalm 100 was my first sacred scripture that l committed to memory as a young child of 7. It is dear to my heart. Actually, I always believed Judaism to be a holy, vibrant, tenacious community and religion. I look forward to you sharing more of your golden nuggets in your
next lecture. Reply

Anonymous November 28, 2018

Shoe-tying Correction - first tie left shoe, then right.
Love this class!
Thank you Reply

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