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The Caesar & Rebbe: Are Fetuses Alive?

The Talmud on the World to Come, Lesson 12

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The Caesar & Rebbe: Are Fetuses Alive?: The Talmud on the World to Come, Lesson 12

In this final exchange between a famous Royal Roman and a legendary Talmudic Sage they debate the proverbial question of “when life begins.” Superficially studied, it appears that the wisdom of Rome's Philosopher King prevails, as the Sage seems to acquiesce to his position. This class draws deeply on biblical precedent and hallowed mystical tradition to demonstrate the fallacy of that approach. Based on this thesis, we elucidate the conclusion of their historic discussion on the subject of the earliest influence of the Yetzer Hara (= evil inclination) into our human consciousness.
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Tractate Sanhedrin, Fetus, Talmud

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Danny Kraft Brooklyn, NY August 29, 2018

I do understand what you are saying about the anger issues and animals looking angry, etc being no different than say"the smiley face on your Iphone" but I question that because there are so many examples, time after time, we see animals acting in ways that show they have higher awareness. A dog in the mountains keeping a lost child warm, a guide dog keep his owner from hitting a bus for example...yes, some of that is training, but if not feeling, if not empathy, then what is it? Reply

Rita Forbes MD July 19, 2018

Hello, Rabbi Kaplan

Truly you have the heart of King David (Psalm 89:20; and 1 Kings 13:14)
Exceptional: lesson, instruction, elocution, and delivery!

Best wishes,

Rita Reply

Semyon Babaev Flushing July 16, 2018

I do enjoy your classes, but volume is to low on your site.
Pleas do something on your site or speak up.
Thank you very mach
Simcha Reply

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