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Samach Vav: Vehayah Ki Savo, Part 4

The Avodah of Birurim: Tefillah vs. Bracha

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Samach Vav: Vehayah Ki Savo, Part 4: The Avodah of Birurim: Tefillah vs. Bracha

5666 V'hayah Ki Savo  
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1 Comment
Esther Herndon Bakersfield ca July 30, 2018

Shalom My family 6 of us have lived and worked on a farm/ ranch in Bakersfield Ca for over 12 years Planted vegtables, fruit trees, grape vines
according to halaha . We raised goats sheep cows chickens geese ducks.
We schected the animals according to Chabad rules . We grew organic fodder for the animals. We even grew wheat for the chabad house to show an omer.
We understand completely what the Rebbi is talking about. There are no days off.
The animals need to be feed twice a day or they get sick. They need to be milked twice a day and the milk thrown away on Shabbos. The garden soil has to be dugged and turned over, organic furtilizer has to be mixed wiseth the soil. Rows have to be made the correct distance from each other. The seed need to be alive. They need to be planted at just thr right deepth and distance from each other. You need to put up net ting so the birds dont eat the seeds and fences to keep out animals that will eat the vegtables. Then the watering and much more. Reply

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