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Ethics of the Fathers, Chapter 5

The Wisdom of Pirkei Avot


Ethics of the Fathers, Chapter 5: The Wisdom of Pirkei Avot

In this class we take a practical and relevant approach in studying this classic text. We’ll examine the wisdom of Pirkei Avot through the lens of the classical commentators as well as the Kabbalists to gain an even more profound understanding of its many life-lessons.
Jewish Ethics Ch. 5
Ethics of the Fathers: Chapter Five
Ethics of the Fathers

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Frankel, Patricia England September 4, 2018

A very good course. Just the right style and level for me. Wish I'd been there.Such a classic.
I'll save it and learn it again later.
Thanks Rav Sollish. Good Yom Tov to you and your family.. Reply

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