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Parenting and Lashon Hara

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Parenting and Lashon Hara

Tell your kids not to tell or tell them to always keep you up-to-date? First, let’s clarify the parameters of negative talk.
Tazria, Tazria-Metzora, Negative Speech

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Zuzana Belgium June 3, 2021

My son was attacked by a boy with a knife in his hand during the lunch break when no teacher was there as a guard of the place. Thanks to Hashem, my son had no choice that fight and he managed to prevail that boy and take the knife. But after he reported the incident to the teacher I was called to the director and he reproached me for the fact that my son did beat that boy. The fact he had to as threatened and without any help from school authorities I found it inappropriate reaction from the director of that school who wanted me to discipline my boy, but not the one with a knife. Only I told him that if he will punish my son for having to protect his very life I will step to the police, he stopped. So how would you advise to react in such situation where a child who protects his very life is victimised by the director self? Reply

Barry Dallas April 16, 2021

Technically is it one of the 3 categories of inappropriate speech if you don't mention the person's name and the person would remain anonymous? Let us assume that nobody would ever be able to figure out whom you were speaking about under any circumstances. Reply

Chaim Vogel May 10, 2018

beautifully said! Reply

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