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Passover Eve Law & Order

A three-part series about the mechanics, mindfulness, nuts and bolts of the Seder’s legal intricacies so that everything gets done right!

Only after nightfall; the jurisprudence behind it. An evening of wine and blessings; those mandated and those added. Hand-washings, vegetable dipping and a uniquely Jewish nibble; its raison d'être, differing perspectives and the resultant mandated mindfulness. We conclude with the technical overview of the proverbial Bitter Herbs and their place at the dinner table.
Breaking Matzah, learn how to do it ‘by the book’, and understand why, on this most magical of nights, it’s far more than edible wafer. We paradoxically present “poor man’s bread” while placing emphasis on richness and luxury; creating a unique conundrum in observance of the double-breaded manna memorial. In the end, it’s a unique and sacred stuffing of your face that provides halachic relief. Bitter herbs and the unusual double dipping, offer opportunity to taste the pain of slavery and feel the pyramids of bricks and mortar!
Korech: “It’s A Wrap”
This class presents important clarification of the Halachik basis and raison d'être of our proverbial Matzah and Marror wrap. Naturally, once the rhyme and reason are clearly established, a solid grasp of the legal intricacies that govern this unique Seder observance ensues. In the course of elucidating the structure and methodology of Koraich, we are treated to a profound yet fundamental understanding of the differences between biblically mandated Mitzvot and those of rabbinic origin. All in all, this lecture strives to present some of the most nuanced Seder subtleties in terms that lay people can well relate to, appreciate and understand.
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