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When Parents and Teens Clash Over Religion

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When Parents and Teens Clash Over Religion

Once a child is physically and emotionally well, she will be more open to ideas of personal and spiritual growth.
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Esmeralda Miguel Canton July 14, 2018

What if your parents are not very observant and you want to be more observant? I don't want to move out because I worry about them and I want them to grow spiritually too. The best option for me is to move out. I have talked to them about being more observant but they are not interested in changing. Reply

Been there July 16, 2018
in response to Esmeralda Miguel:

Lead by example. As you grow in your observance and nurture your relationship with your parents, they will likely warm up to some of what you are doing. Don't make your goal to change them; make it to inspire them as you live a fulfilling life of authentic observant Judaism. Reply

Anonymous via July 13, 2018

Disagree with that - a lot of people who are not happy have found the answers in their faith Reply

Anonymous July 11, 2018

When Parents and Teens Clash Over Religion Such wisdom! Agreed, Ms. Gorkin. Reply

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