The Six-Day War and Tefillin

A short documentary (May 28, 1967)

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The Six-Day War and Tefillin: A short documentary (May 28, 1967)

A brief history of the Six-Day War and the Rebbe’s call for all Jewish men, particularly soldiers in the IDF, to don tefillin as a special merit for added security.
Tefillin Campaign, The Rebbe's, Six-Day War, Lubavitcher Rebbe

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Stewart M Berger Brooklyn via chabadso.com December 31, 2023

Beautiful Reply

Doe Saint Louis March 23, 2021

Riveting. I could listen to it a million times, and it feels like I have. Reply

Kbret Getaneh Toronto May 26, 2017

This victory was not the first nor will it be the last! Because the creator of everything that came into existence has raised the nation of Israel to let all other nations know that He alone is God with no other beside Him, as long as other nations continues to attempt to destroy the witness of their creator, they will be destroyed For God will not allow His witness to be utterly destroyed (this is true both to His Written Word and the nation.

Now the question is, when are all the nations going to realize of this infallible truth and stop intimidating or fighting with their creator? The previous wars happened due to lack of education and the needed information, but now at twenty century? What will be our excuses for all the problem we have caused to all humanity?
We all must seek peace and begin to resolve our differences setting peace as our goal.

Peace to the Israel of God and to all who seek It in truth. Reply

Howard Wright Jacksonville May 26, 2017

God always keeps His promises, He said the battle is His. He said that your enemies will come at you one way but will flee from you several ways. I remember that war. Thank you for the reminder. Reply

Doe St. Louis March 15, 2021
in response to Howard Wright:

I agree. (though I'm only ten.) Reply

Abner Brazil July 9, 2023
in response to Doe:

Oh, God bless you little boy. Your age doesn't matter at all, what truly matters is the faith that's in you, my dear fellow brother. Reply

Alizah Hochstead Beitar Israel May 26, 2017

I was waiting to board a plane to come home to EY when I was told I could fly because war had broken out. BH I finally came home to the only home a Jew has a few weeks later. We have to remember this belongs to us because of HaShem. May we be zoche to see true peace with Moshiach Reply

Bobbie Goldman Cherry Hill, NJ via thechabadcenter.org May 26, 2017

On that day when the War was over, I remember where I was standing, in that exact spot. I think we all do that, when we know that something momentous is happening. The Rebbe was truly Hashem's emissary on Earth. Reply

Aziz Pakistan May 26, 2017

G-D bless Israel amen. Reply

Anonymous Markham May 25, 2017

I remember very well the Six day war I was 12 yrs old . We all feared for Israel Reply

Anonymous May 25, 2017

Amen! Amazing and moving video! Thanks for posting! Reply

Joseph Solomon Sydney, ustralia November 28, 2013

I remember the six days well being at Habonim camp at the time.
Love and Peace from Australia,

kenneth Bloch from Australia Australia, NSW September 26, 2011

Tefillin I recently put on tefillin at the yeshiva at Bondi Beach Australia, and so the rebbe was right , as I just found out, thanks Chabad, have a great New Year ,
L,shanah tova. Reply

Anonymous Montclair, NJ February 9, 2011

Excellent Presentation I felt this deeply. This will help me write a story about a boy in Israel during the Six Day War. Reply

R. Camales Surrey, Canada November 3, 2010

I am a Judeo-Christian (Roman Catholic) and have a strong spiritual affinity with the Israelites. I pray that may GOD always protect her always to the end of time. I also pray that the nations who want the destruction of Israel be enlighthened that we are all brothers thru our patriarch ABRAHAM. Christians, Jews and Muslims we are all brothers.... why do we have to kill one another? Reply

David Green Denver March 17, 2010

To Eitan I believe it'd called "Atem Shalom". Reply

John Manila, Philippines January 6, 2009

I'm a Christian and try as much as I could to study the Torah as well as love G-D, the same G-D of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

To everyone in Israel, in these times of trial, remember that you are descendants of your forefathers and whatever blessings they receive you shall recieve.

As another Jew told me during his visit here in my country, remember to acknowledge that everything is from G-D and without him we cannot achieve the success we all have.

May all the Jews in Israel and around the world experience Shalom even in this trouble times. Reply

Eitan K. Detroit, Michigan June 3, 2008

Does anyone know the name of the song that was being played as they were talking about the Tefillin campaign, or who it's by? Reply

Dvorah Barron-Fleming Israel /Cyprus July 7, 2017
in response to Eitan K.:

I think it is a song written for Psalm .."Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem".. You will find it on line. Reply

Anonymous June 21, 2020
in response to Eitan K.:

It's a niggun called atem shalom. It was originally from the Jews of Georgia (in the USSR). When they were able to leave about 1970-2, they came to the Rebbe's farbrengens and the Rebbe would ask them to sing their songs and this was one of them. On the video here it was being sung by Nichoach. Reply

Yisrael S. Los Angeles, California May 29, 2023
in response to Eitan K.:

Are you Eitan Katz the singer? Reply

Harriet Cash Chattanooga, Tennessee, U.S.A. August 7, 2006

How that movie excited me! And I've heard about all the "tanks" that were heard, and "soldiers in white" that were seen, on the Golan Heights by the Syrians in that war -- it could only have been the God of Israel fighting for you!!!

I'm a Christian Zionist who has loved the God of Israel, according to Isaiah 56:6-7, and His Jewish people, for the past ten years.

Israel, you must remember WHOSE you are! Call upon the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob for protection, as your Christian Zionist friends in America and other nations are doing for you. "Call upon Me, and I will answer you." Jeremiah 33:3, Psalm 91:15, 145:18, Proverbs 2:3-6. May God's blessing and protection be on you! Reply

Lois O'Millian August 6, 2006

Being Christian and raised Lutheran all my life, I don't understand Hebrew. What I do understand from watching this clip is the wonderful love God has for us. Miracles do not have an individual language, or barriers. This clip is as relevant today as it was 39 years ago...I pray that everyone begins to pay attention to what is going on around them. Reply

Eidla Gourevitch Brunoy, france July 23, 2006

Tanya by heart As I watched this video I was encouraged to continue studying Tanya by heart to help the Israeli sondiers. I already learned 11 lines Reply

Anonymous Tittling, Germany July 20, 2006

The Six Day War and tefillin Shalom Rafael,
You are absolutely right! To every word I agree with all my heart.
We need it so terribly, true peace and the coming of Mashiach.
May it be soon. Reply

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