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Esther’s Game of Thrones

The Megillah in Depth, Chapter 5, Part 3

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Esther’s Game of Thrones: The Megillah in Depth, Chapter 5, Part 3

Although Esther had flagrantly disobeyed and consequently infuriated him, the thin-skinned, easily angered King was miraculously overcome with tenderness. Lovingly, he offers up to “half the kingdom” to fulfil her desires. Perplexingly, the mission-driven queen seems to have lost her direction, as she strangely asked for nothing but his, and the hate-filled Prime Minister Haman’s attendance at an intimate dinner party! This eye-opening class takes us behind the scenes; introducing us to the brilliant, shrewdly engineered and faith-filled strategies of the Purim heroine.
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Purim, Scroll of Esther

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1 Comment
avi September 17, 2018

Regarding Esther being perfectly calibrated.

This may be connected to her "ruach hakodesh" discussed in the previous class.

Also this may be an example of how a revelation of the yechida looks like (see Samech Vov p. 26 older print). Reply

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