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Disobedient Queen = Royal Disaster

The Talmud on the Megillah, Lesson 15

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Disobedient Queen = Royal Disaster: The Talmud on the Megillah, Lesson 15

Despite the very public nature of the intoxicated monarch’s request, Queen Vashti brazenly snubs her husband by being a no-show. To add insult to injury, she privately insults her thin-skinned husband by mocking his masculinity. To be sure, she was so licentious in nature that she would have acquiesced; however suddenly miraculous disfigurement made that prohibitive. The clueless king erupts in a public display of fury; while seething inwardly as well. Despite his drunken stupor, the ruler cunningly seeks counsel from local Jewish Sages who are thrust into an impossible no-win situation. Not to be outfoxed, the wise men cleverly recuse themselves from this unwanted judicial duty.
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Vashti, Talmud, Scroll of Esther, Tractate Megilla

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