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Making Your Home into a Happy and Holy Place

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Making Your Home into a Happy and Holy Place

The Jewish home is a holy place and a mini-temple. You are its executive director. Here's how to make it even holier.
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Anonymous via JewishTV iOS August 7, 2020

Thank you so much! I would also love to add, that I heard from a rabbi that I really like, that when you run your home with beauty and happiness and joy and pride, then your kids, since most feel even subconsciously that it is the centre of Jewish life, know and understand that being Jewish is a happy beautiful way of living for them to be proud of and look forward to doing. And that parents who are grumpy should be forewarned, he said, because happy homes will teach children that we have a beautiful path, with proud happy parents and happy guests. And a home that generally is quiet, or not so proud or not really celebrated, or always on the grouchier side, automatically can make life seem uninspiring to a child, and we do not want them to connect the uninspiring environment they grew up in, with our very inspiring way of life! Being a Jew is a happy existence B”H!

“Ben Margish Ma SheAba Meshader” a child feels/understands what the father exudes, more than what he ‘says’ with his words (this concept was taught by a Chabad rabbi in Israel) Parents attitudes truly set the tone, so let’s set a tone of happiness and pride! Thank you so much Shifra and!!! Reply

Katy Holmes Pittsburgh January 31, 2018

I am thrilled to see a new installment in this series on Having a Great Day. I've been watching since "Wake Up Your Morning" and have loved each and every installment. This series is very motivating and meaningful for me. It benefits everyone because we all have to spend our days somehow, and you are giving us a way to make them worthwhile--to make each day count, just as HaShem wants. Thank you so much--can't wait for the next installment :) Reply