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Heroes: The Stories of Esther and Daniel

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Heroes: The Stories of Esther and Daniel

Heroes are role models for all of us. Their courage, devotion and commitment to their values are examples and inspiration for all of us to use our own life's circumstances to achieve greatness.
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Purim, Daniel, Esther

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Yael Florida February 3, 2022

With all due respect,I have but a minute of study compared to you but I must write these points from Me’am Lo’ez
1.Esther was the adoptive daughter of a tsadik and was raised as such. She was not a simple girl, nor a young woman according to some who say as old as 85 years old.
2. Knowing that she came from the house of the most famed Jew of shushan already put her at great risk of being killed.
3.She certainly did NOT bow but instead wore for the first time her most royal garments when Bravely going to see the king, who had not asked for her for 30 days.
4. You failed to mention that Daniel was one of trusted messengers between Esther and Mordecai.
5.Esther argued profusely to Mordecai that she was not the one to save her people.Mordecai had to remind her that her crown / position would not protect her.
6.Esther was rewarded by giving birth to the next king ,Darius the Second who finally ordered the reconstruction of the holy temple.
7.Esther wanted the book to be named for Mordecai Reply

Bobby February 21, 2018

Your depth and wisdom are such a gift..thank you for sharing what you have worked and studied to understand. I could (and do) listen to you for hours! Reply

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