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Shulchan Aruch, Hilchos Birchos HaShachar

View all 20 videosShulchan Aruch, Chapter 46: Birchos HaShachar uShar Brachos
Laws Relating to the Morning Blessings and Other Blessings
View all 12 videosShulchan Aruch, Chapter 47: Dinei Birkas haTorah
Laws Relating to the Blessings for Torah Study
View all 3 videosShulchan Aruch, Chapter 48: Omrim Parshas HaTamid
The Recitation of the Passage Concerning the Daily Burnt-Offering with the Verses of the Shabbos Offering
View all 2 videosShulchan Aruch, Chapter 50: Taam Lamah Omrim Mishnas Eizeheu Mekoman
The Rationale for Reciting the Mishnah Beginning Eizehu Mekoman
View all 14 videosShulchan Aruch, Chapter 51: Dinei Tefillah m'Baruch She'amar Ad Yishtabach
Laws Relating to the Prayers from Baruch SheAmar until Yishtabach
View all 4 videosShulchan Aruch, Chapter 52: Din Mi Sheshahah Lavo l'Veis HaKneses Ad Yishtabach
Laws Relating to One who Arrives Late at the Synagogue [when the Congregation is Approaching] Yishtabach
View all 25 videosShulchan Aruch, Chapter 53: Din Hara'uy Leireid Lifnei Hateivah
Laws Relating to Persons Fit to Lead the Communal Prayers
View all 8 videosShulchan Aruch, Chapter 56: Din Aniyas HaKiddush Al Y'dei HaKahal
Laws Relating to the Congregation’s Response to Kaddish
View all 2 videosShulchan Aruch, Chapter 57: Din Barchu v'Aniyaso
Laws Relating to the Recitation of Barchu and the Congregation’s Response to It
Study one halacha or more each day from the Shulchan Aruch (code of Jewish law) authored by the Alter Rebbe, R’ Schneur Zalman of Liadi.
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