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Baby Basket Gridlock on the Nile

Va’eira Parshah Report

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Baby Basket Gridlock on the Nile: Va’eira Parshah Report

Senior Weather/Catastrophe Correspondent Jono gives us a meteorological look at the ten plagues.
Passover, Ten Plagues, Va'eira

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Itadori Japan January 16, 2023

What?! did he say Froglit-chip cookies!!! Reply

anonymous buffollo ny December 28, 2022 staff please contact rabbi Dovid Taub and ask him to make more itche kadoozy or another comedy show your kids library is not that big really needs a major update Reply

someone HK December 30, 2021

hilarious stuff Reply

person Zona Hotelera February 2, 2021

the person who makes this video (dovid taub) is my friends uncle Reply

D lewis August 1, 2021
in response to person:

That's cool 😎 Reply

hey you January 1, 2022
in response to D lewis:

Same here. Wasn't her name Brocha? Reply

Mendel Druk brooklyn January 16, 2023
in response to hey:

actually there is a few one of them is chaya..... Reply

cohen los angeles July 13, 2020

funny!!!!!!!!!!! Reply

Anonymously USA December 30, 2018

Funny!!!!!, Like Reply

Anonymous Israel December 30, 2010

Emuna i love these videos, good stuff! Reply

Zalmy Engel adelaide, australia January 10, 2010

Kadoozy to go! I was always wanting to see Mrs. Kadoozy!
And in the Captain Awesome Episode I saw a weird lady, and suddenly, I realized it was Mrs. Kadoozy! Reply

WHAT WHAT September 24, 2017
in response to Zalmy Engel:

What Captain Awesome? Mr Kadoozy is MARRIED? Reply

DL Yes he does December 25, 2021
in response to WHAT:

Yes he is Reply

Rabbi Kadoozy Waiting for doctor. Have been doing it for a few months January 1, 2022
in response to WHAT:

How do you think I have grandkids? Reply

pnina clark hobart, tasmania January 30, 2006

Well, I guess my comment under the influence of the Alter Rebbe's yahrzeit l'chaim didn't pass the censors for this site.
i still want to say thanks for puttting us onto the right parsha. va'era it is. a bit confusing when you are living down under down under
vershteit? Reply

Moshe R Brooklyn, NY January 29, 2006

Great job! Excellent!!! Just amazing. Keep it up. Reply

Anonymous January 24, 2006

Very very good. I'm really looking forward to seeing your other shows. Reply

Yitzy Hayes January 24, 2006

funny funny funny like always

Melisa, Italy January 24, 2006

Wow... kol hakavod! Amaizing! Mabrik, Brilliant! Reply

Moishele Fort DIx, NJ January 23, 2006

G-Fish G-Fish was this week's highlight in my opinion, excellent lines and terrific delivery. He seems to have a newfound confidence and brightness in his life...should we be expecting a Ms. Fish to be joining his life soon?

Jono as usual is wasome. Reply

Shaya Thornhill, Ontario January 23, 2006

Amazing Amazing !!!!

Brilliant !!!!

Awsome !!!! Reply

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