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Samach Vav: Titen Emes LeYaakov, Part 5

All of Seder Hishtalshelus is from a Ha’orah of Malchus

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Samach Vav: Titen Emes LeYaakov, Part 5: All of Seder Hishtalshelus is from a Ha’orah of Malchus

All of levels of SederHishtalshelus exist by virtue of a Ha’orah of Malchus: The Ratzon l’Meluchah, the source of all levels of creation is, itself, only a Ha’orah of Ohr prior to Tzimtzum (Ana Emloch). Thus Malchus, at every level, is only a Ha’orah of a Ha’orah. Nonetheless, whereas all other Divine attributes (e.g. Chesed) relate to being is in a way of nearness, the relation of Malchus to all levels of being is that of transcendence (Hisnasus).
5666 Titen-Emes-LeYaakov  
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Bracha Ruth Zaklad Tzfat March 1, 2020

Dear, dear Rabbi Brawer,

I simply want to thank you for all the joy and meaning you have given me through these classes. Words don't do justice to the appreciation I feel towards you, the wealth and richness you have so passionately shared with us. I am forever grateful for this blessing. With love and respect... Reply

Yaakov Brawer Montreal March 2, 2020
in response to Bracha Ruth Zaklad:

Greetings Bracha Ruth Zaklad

Many Thanks for your kind words. I am truly gratified that you find the shiurim valuable.
May Hashem bless you with continued spiritual growth, knowledge, and inspiration.

Yaakov Brawer Reply

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