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The Power of “Baruch Hashem”

Growing Weekly: Parshat Yitro

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The Power of “Baruch Hashem” : Growing Weekly: Parshat Yitro

Yitro, Baruch Hashem

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Nicola Smith Pietermaritzburg April 15, 2020

Why would a person respond with Baruch HaShem to a question regarding the well being of the family? What would one say if they family wasn't well? Reply

Michoel Gourarie Sydney May 5, 2020
in response to Nicola Smith:

When family is well, Baruch Hashem is an expression of gratitude and recognizing the source of all blessing - Hashem. If fortunately the family wasn't doing well, Baruch Hashem is still powerful as it acknowledges that everything, even challenges come from HIm and that we can try and find the meaning in previous challenges and we pray that He (being in control of the universe) can transform the challenge into good. Reply

Suzie Dumel Manhattan NY February 24, 2021
in response to Nicola Smith:

Baruch HaShem because it could be worse and still be grateful they are alive with us Reply

Metchie Kennedy Lagos-Nigeria December 3, 2018

How do I download or get this very video?

Shalom Reply Staff December 3, 2018
in response to Metchie Kennedy :

This video cannot be downloaded at this time, we are sorry. Reply

Yakov Isaacs November 4, 2018

The words "Baruch HaShem", "how blessed is HaShem", imply that HaShem is so ineffably great that we ordinary mortals can only exclaim in awe the phrase "Baruch HaShem".
One needn't utter the actual name of G-d that's the sacred Tetragrammaton but just saying Baruch HaShem suffices.
When we praise HaShem, it draws His presence and blessings toward us and in our immediate surroundings. The very words Baruch HaShem dispel negativity in mind, emotions, body and surroundings if said with full reverence, trust and aspiration.
When we shed our petty egoism, wonders happen.
When we give up, He takes over.
With sustained practice, we invite HaShem, our source, into our lives to take complete charge and to do as He pleases with us.
Now, if good, bad or neutral happens to us, in keeping with divine justice, one need never fear for He is eternally with us.
An awakened 6th sense lays bare the spiritual dynamics through direct perception. This is an altogether different level of spirituality. Reply

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