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Meet the Instructor of "The Choice is Yours"

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Meet the Instructor of "The Choice is Yours"

Freedom of Choice

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Eleanor Skibo Uniontown, PA, USA March 10, 2017

Probably many people never pondered God's Divine Power, or for that matter even cared. However, for centuries there've been great minds digging for rational explanations.
I've been exposed to both religious rearing and higher university learning. I take no shame in admitting God's Divine Power is mind-boggling, as well as, overpowering. Nevertheless, I feel safe and loved within it.
Just opening my eyes every morning, knowing I've a God given choice between right and wrong enthralls me. Even if the powerful one knows what I'll choose.
Today, I may choose the worst decision of my life because of an aggravating situation I've gotten into. But God won't reach down and pull me back by the scruff of my neck.
God may be disappointed or he may laugh depending upon my decision, but I'm the one living with the consequences.
I thank Rabbi Herson and the Chabad team for shedding light from the Torah and allowing me to partake of these 4 adventurous weeks. Thank you and Shalom. Reply

Felipe de Jesus Zamudio Alejandre March 8, 2017

When I read these comments I understand I will never write comments like those because they are highly philosofical they come from people who have a good understanding of Torah.I feel I do not have it.I would like to share my learning and it is that this course waked me up in an spiritual and intelectual way.Free choice?.Honestly this is a new land for me.I will do my best in order to become a good student. Greetings from México Reply

William Cannistra Lewis Center March 3, 2017

I have a question as a need to undetstand.... I am a Judeo/Christian. To provide a little context to the question I am about to ask, I believe the can serve both Jewish and Christian people who desire to understand the same "Supreme Being" that both our faith's worship. In looking through the comments I noticed that when referring to the "Supreme Being" it is spelled as
" G - d ". I understand that by using a DASH when referring to the "Supreme Being's" name the writer of the comment is refraining from spelling out the name due to respect and reverance and therefore uses the DASH as an indirect way of referring to the name. What is the reasoning why those making comments use the DASH when referencing the name of the "Supreme Being's" name? Is it because the name should not be uttered or referenced using the full spelling of the name of the "Supreme Being" in our utterences or writing? I ask this question because is the is the use of the DASH be something I should be doing as well when speaking or writing? Reply

Lillian Denver March 3, 2017

Meet the Instructor I found that your answers/reasons for listening to this lesson were truly answered from your heart. The instructor was informative and a joy to listen to...

Lillian Reply

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