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Your Mission Is Inevitable

The Twelve Steps: Lesson 11, "VeZeh"

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Your Mission Is Inevitable: The Twelve Steps: Lesson 11, "VeZeh"

After delineating our extraordinary Jewish privilege, power and potential, we were shown how the world is ripe with holy possibilities – awaiting actualization through our efforts. But what if I'm prepared to serve G-d personally, but prefer to opt out of universal rehabilitation – leaving that instead for others? Enter step number 11: “the ultimate purpose of your creation and the creation of the entire universe was solely to create a dwelling place for G-d in this world.” This step clarifies how avoiding the very purpose of one's existence simply can't be wholesome, satisfying, or right!
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Twelve Torah Passages, Mission in Life, A Person's, Dwelling for G-d in the Physical World

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Anonymous Beitar November 28, 2017

wonderful. Rav Mendel I always enjoy your classes and this 11th step was no exception. How could I learn these steps (you referred to "the first 6.") and their current relevance to internalizing the Rebbi's message in how to be authentic as a Chasid as I grow and try to learn the real ways of being a dedicated Jew.

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Daniel Henry Thomas November 14, 2016


dear rabbi, being the means to achieve our purpose in life the study of Torah and the performing of mitzvahs, and considering the importance that the knowledge be spread universally (Am Yisrael Or Lagoyim), how can this better be understood and applied to gogyim (like myself)?

all goyim inevitably have something to provide and contribute today, a part in the collective job of making this world a place where our Creator may dwell, a recipient strong, harmonious and flexible enough that it may not shatter to pieces but hold beautifully towards the manifestation of our long awaited times for HaMashiach... how does Torah study and mitzvah performing projects towards our much more simple sevenfold world of goyim?

תודה לרב יקרים מאוד Reply