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How You Can Be G-d’s Lamplighter!

The Twelve Steps: Lesson 8, "Veshinantam"

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How You Can Be G-d’s Lamplighter!: The Twelve Steps: Lesson 8, "Veshinantam"

The eighth step is based the verse “And you shall teach the Torah...and you should speak…when you are at home and when you travel, before you lie down…and when you wake up.” Discover, how we are not only instructed to study Torah, but rather to view every moment of life as a teachable opportunity; potentially impactful on a global scale. See how every casual encounter or situation may become transformative. Learn how you can elevate our world, accelerating universal redemption. Regardless of circumstances, we are each empowered to transcend the challenges and bring about a world of difference!
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Shema, Va'etchanan, Torah Study, Twelve Torah Passages

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