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The Secret of Tisha B’Av

We need rebuke or love?

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The Secret of Tisha B’Av : We need rebuke or love?

If we understand the underlying cause to the loss of the Holy Temple and the Divine presence it openly expressed, we can focus on reversing our exilic state of divine concealment.
Criticism; Rebuke, Three Weeks, Tisha B’Av

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Anonymous August 14, 2016

Thank you Malka in Jerusalem! Reply

Diana New York August 14, 2016

Concise but gives it all. Like it Reply

Anonymous California August 14, 2016

Thank You Thank you for this video! it was very thoughtful and well done. I also thank you for the captions since if ifnd it difficult to follow along in videos without them Reply

Malka Benya Jerusalem Israel August 13, 2016

FYI anonymous asking how to change feelings in the heart. Personally, I prayed to God to have my heart circumcised. There is a verse in the Torah a out our hearts a d how they have grown fatty and need circumcising. Anyway, I prayed forward the this and the loving poured back into my heart which been kind of frozen and I was able
H Reply

Anonymous August 12, 2016

love this. and how do we change feelings in the heart? Reply

L Crown Heights August 1, 2017
in response to Anonymous:

Learn the maamar Ahava's Yisroel that the Rebbe gave us. Reply

David Clumpner Seattle August 11, 2016

Repentance Hardly covered this at all!!!
Very sad!!! Reply

roselle August 11, 2016

thank you For captioning this video and making it accessible to deaf viewers. Reply

Jakov Gold DC August 11, 2016

Grea! I followed everything he said and had he spoke slower, he'd have lost me. Thank you Rabbi. Great message. Reply

Anonymous Atlanta August 10, 2016

Good Subject But ... Good subject but he talks so fast he doesn't give me time to take in anything he has said before he has gone on to the next bit. I wish he had; it was interesting. Reply

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