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On Account of a ‘Rooster and Hen’

Talmud: Stories of Tragic Destruction

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On Account of a 'Rooster and Hen': Talmud: Stories of Tragic Destruction

This Gemara class takes you back in time to the beginning of the common era, as we revisit the narratives and events that ultimately caused the complete collapse of the Second Jewish Commonwealth and tragic destruction of the thriving Judean society which once flourished in Eretz Yisrael, even after the Holy Temple’s destruction by the Roman Empire. Annually commemorated in the saddest Three Weeks of the Jewish calendar (called Bein-Hametzarim), these fascinating yet sobering Talmudic records and reflections are found in Tractate Gittin (57a).
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Three Weeks, Destruction of Holy Temple, Talmud

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Esther Sv=chmidt North vancouver, BC. Canada August 14, 2016

Thank You , Todah Raba, Rabbi Kaplan, it was a wonderful shiur! I really enjoyed it and learned a lot! Reply

Adonai's Anointed Pittsburgh, PA July 24, 2016

Toda raba. I enjoy your energy as you teach. I am enriched by the truth I did not know. I appreciate how you mix Hebrew with English. Toda Rabbi Kaplan. Reply

Tim Gilbreath July 2, 2016

Rabbi Mendel - thanks so much for your lectures. Is it possible for you to post the dates of the lectures. Thanks. Reply

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