Korach failed to realize that a Makkif Rachok (a Tallis that is entirely Techelis, and a house filled with Sefarim, specifically Torah Sh’baal Peh) requires Tzitzis and Mezuzah respectively to bring its influence into the realm of Pnimius. Ultimately,

Korach is challenging Aharon’s Avodah of bringing Rav Chesed into Seder Hapnimius by means of Dikna. Korach, a Levi rooted in Gevurah, does not understand or appreciate the purpose of drawing transcendence into immanence.

His error is that the Makkif Rachok is, in and of itself inaccessible and requires Tzitzis (Makkif Karov associated with Positive Mitzvos) in order to reveal its impact in creation.