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The Ten Plagues Unplugged

Learn fascinating facts and insights in the miraculous Exodus narrative

The Plague of Blood (‘Dam’)
This class pierces the veil shrouding the mystery around the first of the proverbial 10 Plagues. Discover the full story of the Nile River miraculously running red. Was it just a temporary chemical discoloration or did the water become actual plasma? What was the purpose, who was affected, and finally how did the magicians have water to turn into blood? Finally, why is this relevant in our day and age?
The Plague of Frogs (Tzefardea)
Learn why this second plague hit Pharaoh hardest, and how these green creatures became an example of true commitment—inspiring famous people centuries later! See how they unwittingly enforced border control between Ancient Ethiopia and Egypt, and discover Kermit’s crazy ancestors from long ago, as you learn about the extra-ordinary intelligence these amphibious animals displayed. Plus, you’ll be astounded by their incredible super-natural antics as they tormented our Egyptian slave masters as only possessed frogs can! This fascinating class concludes with a deep ethical and spiritual message that we can all take to heart.
The Plague of Lice (Kinim)
The third plague was the sudden monstrous infestation of Lice that swarmed Egypt. Discover nine unique reasons G-d chose to strike the Egyptians with this creepy infestation, and find out why the Pharaoh’s wizards couldn’t come up with a comeback. Understand why most commentaries believe that Goshen (the Jewish section) was also affected by this plague as well. Finally, learn the actual dimensions of this insect invasion, and which other creepy crawlers may have joined this remarkable roach parade!
The Plague of Wild Beasts (Arov)
This class incorporates a slew of incredible teachings about the bizarre mix of wild beasts that comprised the fourth plague, Arov. We’ll uncover mysterious commentaries that describe the crazed hordes of lions, bears, snakes and cheetahs being led by mermaid like sea monsters! Be amazed to hear how this chaotic mixture of vicious animals suddenly filled the streets and homes in every urban center across ancient Egypt, attacking the cruel taskmasters who had delighted in tormenting their Hebrew slaves. Finally, discover the deeper motif and spiritual lesson behind this radical mixture.
The Plague of Pestilence (Dever)
This class makes the seemingly deadest of the Proverbial Plagues come alive with colorful insights and sensational secrets revealed. Discover what really happened to the ancient world's superpower when they were suddenly plagued by pestilence – the fatal epidemic striking all Egyptian livestock – as this penetrating analysis allows the real story to emerge!
The Plague of Boils (Shechin)
This class takes you on a behind-the-scenes journey of Moses's miraculous oven-soot heavenward hurling that produced the original Burning Man Phenomenon! Get the full unvarnished story of the oxymoronic circumstances that produced the plague called Boils, and see why these pernicious forms of inflammation disoriented the Egyptian wizards and finally got under the Pharaoh's skin.
The Plague of Hail (Barad)
Discover the devastating hail of fire and ice that rained from the heavens inaugurating a paradigm shift in Pharaoh’s Egypt. Learn fascinating facts, incredible insights, and sacred sparks that together comprise the seventh strike against the ancient Egyptian taskmasters. Learn about the original ‘shock and awe’ event, and see why this remarkable biblical narrative may be timely.
The Plague of Locust (‘Arbeh’)
A profound and penetrating exploration of the terrifying hordes of grasshoppers that swarmed ancient Egypt, stripping it bare of all greenery; fully destroying its agriculturally based economy. See why the Torah states that this will be the plague that we will speak of to our children in the future, and how it uniquely made a mockery of the Pharaoh— more than any of the other plagues. These winged invaders densely darkened the skies, as they settled scores and old border disputes too. Be amazed to discover that the participating locusts were blind, kept Shabbat, and are actually referred to as G-d's troops.
The Plague of Darkness (choshech)
The plague of darkness was incredibly dense and intense for the Egyptians, while the Israelite nation enjoyed a miraculously bright and lit-up environment. This class will shed light and reveal obscure facets of this remarkable plague, and the layers of purpose it served in preparation for the Exodus.
The Plague of the Firstborn (‘Makot Bechorot’)
This class introduces profound nuances of biblical nouns and verbs describing the final plague of firstborn. Careful analysis of Torah terminology serves to clarify the contradictory nature of this exceptional event that directly triggered the Exodus. See how the “stroke of midnight” becomes the key to unlocking mind-blowing mysterious Midrashic stories of what instantaneously happened at midnight, and the fallout it engendered. You’ll also learn why painting “lambs blood” on doorposts was only required then; and never again to be observed.
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