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Public Embarrassment in Halacha

A comprehensive analysis of the prohibition of 'Halbanas Panim'

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Public Embarrassment in Halacha: A comprehensive analysis of the prohibition of 'Halbanas Panim'

This class examines the severity of the sin of Halbanas Panim (humiliating another) and its defining parameters.
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Halacha, Shame; Humiliation

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Unknown November 11, 2019

I’m right now in school and i have a question.
My math teacher had enough of my class and punished us and put outside into the hallway and kept making us open and close our lockers in front of the 2nd graders, I think. And he said, “even the second graders can behave better than you” in front of the second graders. Would that be known as embarrassment? Please tell me so I can be sure and also I have been behaving good in class Reply

Rochel Chein for January 10, 2020
in response to Unknown :

If something like this happens again, I would suggest asking the teacher if you can discuss what happened. If you respectfully apologize for your behavior, explain that you felt embarrassed, and suggest alternatives, I'm sure that your teacher will understand. Hopefully this wont come up in the future! Reply

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