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How Your Birthday Affects Your Character

The Jewish Zodiac

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How Your Birthday Affects Your Character: The Jewish Zodiac

In which month were you born? Learn about the history of the 12 months of the year--from Nissan till Tishrei--and how the "character" of the month that you were born in may affect your own personality traits.
Jewish Zodiac  
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Kim January 16, 2021

I am so grateful for this teaching. Thank you! Could you share where to find the resource of the Hebrew months from Rabbi Ginsburgh? Thank you Reply

Shirley Anne October 21, 2018

The women are very noisy and it’s very disturbing when some of us are concentrating on your message.
Could they please show some respect to the teacher and the online audience⁉️
Thanking you in advance
The first temple was destroyed in 586 B.C.E. by King Nebuchadnezzar.
The second Temple was destroyed in 70 A.D. by Titus, the Roman General. Reply

Barajas June 9, 2016

Temple and the Cosmos Of the cosmos, we get large amounts of waves of thoughts that humans grasp and make our own. Some of these waves are positive, but other harmful; The latter can influence our life circumstances, putting at risk our happiness. The design of the Temple of King Solomon was given to Moses by via prophetic, in order to filter these cosmic waves. The priests performed rituals that had like function, select the beneficent cosmic waves and reject harmful, building on the work to rearrange the cosmic man distortions that are caused by stupidity or ignorance. The ultimate goal was to make God dwell in the world, thanks to this macro transformer receptor. Reply

Claudia Regina Belo Horiozonte May 16, 2016

Shalom shalom!

thank you for another great time studies! I am from the Tamuz 16th! So, I exactaly feel weak and before getting to know anyting about your studies. I have discovered during my childhood that my strenght would not come from my boddy, but from my mind! That was like ten years child!

Another experience I would like to share is I went to the Temple mount one time and to the Ktel every day of my stay in Jerusalém! Once, I was praying and decided not to fix any prayer list in the wall. But when I was praying, I felt like my body would be a tree growing inside the wall and reach haven! In that moment I felt like God was telling me that not only my prayers were going to haven, but my whole life and as I were conected on earth, He was conected with me!

I have had really great experiences within Israel land! Reply

Esther Haubensack China May 9, 2016

How is it you say we can connect with our Boss when sin is separating us and we have no mediator?
Her audience should have read the Torah before attending! Reply

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