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What Impact the Zodiac Can Have On You

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What Impact the Zodiac Can Have On You

For thousands of years people have looked at the zodiac for direction. But while these signs have power, the constellations are controlled by G-d, who can decide to bypass their predictions.
Mazal, Zodiac

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Sholom California October 29, 2020

I was born Wednesday and i am very smart kein ayin hara Reply

hilah Israel April 26, 2020

What was the name of the scientist who had a cure for the cancer you mentioned in the video?
Would love to read about it! Reply

Anonymous USA September 18, 2016

why not give thanks for both ? the man that willed the ax and the ax itself for staying sharp , for it hitting its point and bring down that tree , thank the man for his strength to cut the tree and for him thinking of you to give you the wood , and what about the tree ? that sacrificed it life to keep you warm ? just my thoughts . Reply

Anonymous uk June 15, 2016

re Devoroh As far as Devoiroh is concerned [of Wed. Sivan, 6:13 a.m.], as the speaker explained, Wednesday is highly cerebral, as indeed is Sivon. [this may result in being somewhat highly strung, or excess of nervous tension.] 6:13 in Sivon speaks for itself! Reply

Anonymous uk June 15, 2016

This was beautifully presented but the lack of any real astrological knowledge shines through. For example, in the month of Nissan, Aries is *not* viewed in the night sky. (The constellations 'revolve' the whole night.) During Nisson, the Sun is in Aries - hence it will *not* be visible at night! Reply

Anonymous los angeles, a May 17, 2016

I have studied the zodiac according to Jewish Sources in the past. I suggest that you consult with expert astrologists to gain a more complete and accurate picture.For example- Tammuz is claimed to be a weak sign. It is true that several disastrous events have occurred during this time period.However, you do not discuss all the positive events that will occur in future. Second, people born in this month are some of the most caring,sensitive and psychic persons in the zodiac.They are not considered weak but persons of deep and strong character. Because one or more Jewish astrologers in the past wrote about incidents particular to Jews, does not convey the depth of the characteristics of Tammuz. In addition, it is clear that you are a Jewish teacher and have learned a few facts, but also that you are far from an expert on astrology. A little knowledge is a dangerous thing Remember that each signs has the positive as well as the negative influences. Reply

d October 30, 2020
in response to Anonymous:

beautifully put. Reply

Anonymous Austin, TX May 6, 2016

To Devorah who asked about being born at 6:13AM:
Someone cared so much for your well-being that they could have recorded 6:13 even though you may have been born at 6:10 or 6:15.
Just as people change their name to more quickly and thoroughly recover from an illness .... Reply

Chaia May 6, 2016

Zodiac affects your life I was born on April 20th. Sadly I share a birthday with Hitler. I am between two signs Aries and Taurus. I have seen the zodiac signs as almost an exact description of me. My family and friends as well. It's strange and I don't read horoscopes at all, but the descriptions are uncanny. Are there psychics ? Are they just con people or can they see the future? Are you who you are because of the stars? I don't know. I'm skeptical about many things but signs are pretty interesting when you read the descriptions of these days of the month you were born. You may disagree with me but it's still fascinating Reply

sondra May 5, 2016

born on sunday I could have missed it but I did not hear you speak of Sunday's characteristics but I enjoyed the class


Anonymous May 5, 2016

Zodiac Forbidden G-D says in 2 Kings 23:5
And he put down the idolatrous priests whom the kings of Judah had ordained to burn incense in high places in the cities of Judah and in the places round about Jerusalem them also that burned incense to Baal to the sun, to the moon, to the planets, and to all the hosts of Heaven. Reply

Anonymous Zimbabwe May 5, 2016

The Zodiac Where in the Bible is there any basis to believe that the Zodiac has influence? I see none at all. That is why Maimonides said the Jews were so busy looking at the stars , they did not see the destruction of the Temple coming. Reply

Anonymous Israel May 4, 2016

Where does idolatry fit into man's constant desire to know the future and looking at constellations named by humans to to predict the future and control his destiny. I was raised in a non Jewish culture and as a convert to Judaism find the focus on mazal or luck to make sense of events in their lives rather than being grateful to Hashem for every day of their lives, the good as well as the bad, and learning from them. Reply

michelle devorah sydney, Australia March 27, 2016

I really enjoyed your talk! ( as always) just to make a comment. I was born on a Thursday ,on the 18th of adar 1 and am a midwife and love the water. ( scared of sharks though!) and do laugh a lot!!! how relevant is that!!!
My friends always tell me that it my date of birth makes so much sense!!
Just thought that I would share that with you!
Thankyou for your wonderful Shiyurim!!

R Silber Yerushalayim March 17, 2016

What sources , sefarim, are you using for these classes? Reply

ZEITOUN Yona (woman) March 11, 2016

Please, I am french, and my english is improbable. Could we have please the sub titles in french ? It would be very appreciated. Thank you very much in advance. Guit Chabess Reply

Devorah Chicago March 11, 2016

Born on a Wednesday in Sivan...... HI, I enjoyed your talk on Zodiac and birthdays. I didn't understand what you thought "worked very well" about someone born on a Wednesday in Sivan. I am one, also born at 6:13 in the morning. Could you please explain what you thought about that combination. Thank you so much. Reply

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