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Jerusalem Still in Ruins

The Book of Nechemiah, Chapter 1

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Jerusalem Still in Ruins: The Book of Nechemiah, Chapter 1

This class teaches the book of Nehemiah, covering the first chapter, with insights culled from the classic commentaries on Tanach.
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Nehemiah, Nehemiah

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Petros. IHSAN Niles January 3, 2024

I love the holy Scriptures, i am christian, and i found a lot of benefits when i watch and listen to jewish scholar such as Rabbi Mendel Dubov, i wish if you have study in the book of Genesis and the book of Exodus, that will be great.Shalom Aleichem. Reply

Nathan Shuster April 11, 2016

King Akhashverot In the Book of Esther, her husbamd, King Akhashverot, participates in the events related in the story of Purim. Who is this Akhashverot? Is he King Xersus known to all the world through Persian history or is it some character known only to the Jews? Reply

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