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How to Get People to Listen to Your Criticism

Why Jethro made it into G-d’s book

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How to Get People to Listen to Your Criticism: Why Jethro made it into G-d’s book

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Criticism; Rebuke, Yitro

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Sheila Soae buenos aires February 8, 2021

Wonderful teaching, so real, let's give people around us constructive criticism to help them grow and become better people, this is the best example on how we can inspire others thank you rabbi! Reply

Anonymous via March 10, 2016

A beautiful teaching. The Rabbi is an example of the three C's. He cares, and offers constructive criticism, especially to those (far too many) who are "fault finders". Their criticisms are poised on a balcony of negativism. We all need to guard against that tendency in ourselves. But using the example of Jethro, the Rabbi makes it very clear what kind of "advice" is most effective. Reply

Allie Ingrid A February 1, 2016

How to get People to lsiten Great to learn from this teaching in calling to remembrance how Jethro's simple and constructive criticism created what has evolved into our court system today. Thanks for this nugget of truth. Love the channel I have learnt so much. Reply

Alicia Madrid January 29, 2016

Wonderful Heavenly matched ! CCC-Man and CCC- is the greatest team ! Thanks for explaining it so clear and funny. Shabat Shalom. Reply

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