Relation of Mitzvos to the name Havayah: Dimensions in Ohr Makkif

In a previous Maamer it was pointed out that the numerical equivalent of the word “Shmi” (my name) plus Yud-Hay equals 365 (Negative Mitzvos), whereas “Zichri” (my remembrance) plus Vav-Hay equals 248 (Positive Mitzvos).

The present Maamar indicates that the Shem Havayah is Ohr Penimi. How then, can Mitzvos, rooted as they are in Makkifim, derive from letters of Shem Havayah?

The Maamar then goes on to analyze the various dimensions of Ohr Pnimi (M’malei) and Ohr Makkif (Sovev).

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