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The Aleinu Prayer

Discussions on Prayer, Lesson 51

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The Aleinu Prayer: Discussions on Prayer, Lesson 51

The popular prayer of ‘Aleinu’ – the final prayer – conveys the fundamental values of Judaism. Firstly, praise for being a unique people with a unique mission, the unique unity of G-d, and the hope for the time when G-d’s presence will be fully realized in the world.
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Debra Texas July 24, 2023

Love this. Reply

Daniel Scharfman January 29, 2022

Does Chabad" bow during Aleinu? I just noticed that there is no directive in the siddur to bow during Aleinu. Reply

Shmuel Kaplan Baltimore January 30, 2022
in response to Daniel Scharfman:

Yes, bowing is mandated in the Talmud and the Code of Jewish Law Reply

Daniel Scharfman January 31, 2022
in response to Shmuel Kaplan:

Thank you for the quick response. I always bow but I was questioning it when I noticed the Chabad Siddur (with English Translation - the blue one) does not give a comment/instruction to bow during Aleinu, while most other siddurs do. Reply

Charmaine April 19, 2019

Today-19 April 2019, I have been listening to these teachings for the past 3 weekends. I have found these prayers as explained bring me to tears. Thank you so much! There is so much thought and insight embedded in the words of these prayers. May we be blessed to say them with feeling and understanding. Reply

Barbara Washington September 15, 2017

Rabbi Kaplan, Thank you so much for this excellent course on the siddur. I had been saying the prayers without any "fire" because of my lack of knowledge. Since taking your course I feel the "fire" that should be there when I pray and will be there when I pray from time onward. I have listened to several of the classes two to three times because I felt that there was so much in the class that I needed to know. When I did have questions, I would call my Rabbi and ask him to explain it to me. I plan on listening to the course again just because of all of the tangential information that you gave. I want to go and read some of the Rabbis that you have mentioned to learn more of their teachings.

Shabbat Shalom!!! Reply

Miriam Oviedo Fl May 8, 2016

Dear Rabbi Kaplan
Although I am sorry this series has ended I do intend to start all over again
just in case I missed anything. Thank you so much for for your dedication to teaching. Reply

Lenore Arnow Asheville NC USA via January 30, 2016

Dear Rabbi Kaplan Thank you so much for this wonderful lesson...I learned so much and am inspired to learn more! Thank you for bringing this important message. I now have a new understanding and will share it with others. I look forward to hearing more from you.

Andy Stern Johannesburg South Africa January 29, 2016

Today was such an inspiration to my soul, I've thoroughly enjoyed your series and look forward to reviewing the series again from lesson 1. Reply

Chavah Kwiatkowska Latvia January 11, 2016

Dear Rabbi Kaplan,

Thank you very much for the inspirational series on tefilla!

Your presentation style is amazing. Every time I watched your lecture, I had the feeling that you were speaking to each viewer personally. "The word that emerges the heart enters the heart."

May HaShem bless you and your family with good health and success! Reply

Detlef van Zeggelen Delft Netherlands January 6, 2016

practisizing Thank you for these beautiful educational lessons Reply

Gary Europe January 6, 2016

Don't laugh... ...there will come a time when I will repeat from Lesson 1.
Thank you, Rabbi, for this excellent set of lectures. You'll never know how timely these were for me. Reply

Sylvia U.K. January 6, 2016

Thank you Dear Rabbi Kaplan,

Today I purchased a Siddur so I can start your course from the beginning tomorrow.

Your discussion today elicited thoughts of HaShem being Sovereign of the world, what the world and people would be like, what a difference in my life and improvement in myself.

Thank you, for your faithful inspiration.

Sylvia McCabe Reply

We spend much time each day reciting the words of the siddur. Join us to enhance your prayers and become more proficient in understanding and mastering the prayer liturgy. This comprehensive series on Tefillah explores the special meaning embedded in the text of our prayers—elucidating, step by step, the words, structure, and progression of the siddur.
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