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Shulchan Aruch, Netilas Yodayim 4:1a

Laws of Hand Washing, Part 1

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Avraham Zajac January 19, 2016

Bracha The Beracha is only said once a day, when waking up, as long as it is after Halachik midnight Reply

Avraham Zajac January 19, 2016

chapter 26 Verses 6 and 7 Reply

Bernardo Lintz Brazil January 19, 2016

The Obligation of do the Bracha Rav,
Please, if i touch a part of my body that should be covered, i will be obligated to washing my hands doing the bracha, even if i already did the bracha in the morning?

Best regards, Reply

Anonymous January 13, 2016

Couldd I have the Scriptures for the washing of the hands? Rabbi Avraham said it is in Tehilim chavav if I understood well but I don't know what is this number. Are the other Scriptures he gives in the same chapter? Reply

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