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The Amidah: Listen to Our Prayers

Discussions on Prayer, Lesson 47

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The Amidah: Listen to Our Prayers: Discussions on Prayer, Lesson 47

An additional nineteenth blessing – asking G-d to reject those who corrupt our faith – was later inserted into the Amidah (as the 12th blessing). The blessing to uplift the righteous follows, and next are two blessings praying for the coming of Moshiach and redemption. The final intermediate blessing (the 16th) is the culmination of it all—requesting G-d to accept and listen to our prayers.
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We spend much time each day reciting the words of the siddur. Join us to enhance your prayers and become more proficient in understanding and mastering the prayer liturgy. This comprehensive series on Tefillah explores the special meaning embedded in the text of our prayers—elucidating, step by step, the words, structure, and progression of the siddur.
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