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What the Chassidic New Year Means to You

A 19 Kislev Thought

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What the Chassidic New Year Means to You: A 19 Kislev Thought

An engaging, fresh and practical take on the day celebrated as the New Year of Chassidism.
Kislev 19

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Carlos Cervantes December 2, 2015

Agree with the medulla oblongada comment,uniqueness in rational intellect and spiritual yearning, but why colonized by making it divine? What tribe of self appointed divinity claims this enigma? This is certainly not a universal truth. Carlos Cervantes student of theology and research. Reply

Sherrie Salt Lake City. December 1, 2015

Making the world Divine. How complex in its simplicity. I hope I can contribute through daily interactions with others! Reply

Sam Nietsnorb USA December 1, 2015

Well brought out and to the point.
The moving around kept me from getting bored! Reply