I Was Told I Had a Year to Live

My struggle with breast cancer

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I Was Told I Had a Year to Live : My struggle with breast cancer

Karen Birer recounts the inner resolve and fortitude in her unwavering battle to overcome this life-threatening illness. (A short talk at the Jewish Women’s Retreat in Toronto in 2015)
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alice jena richmond hill January 4, 2016

i was told i had a year to live May you and yours be blessed with good health & happiness always. You are young, deserve to be well with your family.

I am old (68 & in 2009 I was diagnosed with brain tumors that were non-malignant. I had immediate surgery, by an Orthodox Brain surgeon, on a Sabbath AM, (& his B-day too.) This was because , though non-malignant, the tumors were killing me. I am very well, and also NEVER asked: "why me." I just wish that the youth (those under 60) could all be well and live long & healthy and happy lives with love of Torah, & the 10 commandments. Reply

Jonella Rose Boondocks of Sullivan County, NY January 4, 2016

Lovely piece - Thank you! Really enjoyed this - tremendous wisdom and strength. I admire this speaker very much. Yashir Koach! (I am a survivor myself of breast cancer - lump - most vicious type of cancer BUT found early - at Stage One - most fortunately! Had Lumpectomy and Radiation and so far, so good - 10-15% chance of return over next ten years - I can live with those odds! Thank God for such an excellent outcome!) All the best to you and thanks for sharing your story and your strength. Many women can use this!! Reply

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