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High Holiday Road Trip

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Shneur c July 10, 2020

wow Reply

Benzion Joseph Lakewood June 23, 2020

It did NOT work Reply

Movo Rochester,New York May 11, 2020

Hulaaaaaaaaaarious !!!!!! 😀😀😀 Reply

bella raizy April 23, 2019

''can I eat yet?''

''can I got to the virtual bathroom''

jono is so funny!
love the shows
I am a shlucha so we have to go on a lot of road trips so I can relate to jonos complaints! Reply

mushka kaminetzky taos December 4, 2018

waht a fun game! Reply

mushka cohen May 8, 2017

it gets really boring when no one says anything.... Reply

mendel hein Pittsford December 30, 2016

this is great! Reply

mendel hein pittsford June 3, 2018
in response to mendel hein:

and I'm curious what happened at the end Reply

chaya S. montreal,canada September 9, 2015

very good! Keep up the good work Reply

ely new york , america May 13, 2010

I love chabad Reply

chana stein December 5, 2008

keep it up! thank you so much! keep up the good work!!! Reply

Anonymous September 18, 2007

Thank you SOOO much for all the wonderful multimedia tools on the Chabad kids holiday websites. I can show this video to my hebrew shcool class and they'll enjoy it. great work, way to use tech. Reply

molly reisterstown, md September 14, 2007

THe video Dear makers of the movie I thought it was very good and it tought me a lesson Reply

Roxanne (goy) September 12, 2007

Great Jono was absolutely hilarious in this one! It's a miracle that the rabbi doesn't lose his patience and makes Jono a virtual hitchhiker! Reply

chananya manchester, uk September 3, 2007

the best show your shows are the best i have ever seen i am always checking to see if the new one is out yet waiting to see loads more! ! Reply

Nethanel Proskiw edmonton, Alberta July 4, 2007

It's very good!!!!! Your show is very good! i enjoy it! thanx 4 putting them on the internet! keep making new ones please.

thanks for your shows!!!! Reply

Natalie Kuzy thornhill, ontario/canada via chabad.ca November 19, 2006

the itche kadoozy show I love your show so much! I am crazy over it. You always put together funny and learnful things at the same time. Sometimes I burst out laughing....
I watch your show every week!!!!! I save all of your shows and later put them all on my i-pod. Continue always and never go off this web site becuase you rock!
love your #1 biggest fan, Reply

ester zirkind thornhill, ontario November 21, 2005

itchakadoozy I am crazy about your show. It is probably the most well put out piece of frum, lubavitch, chassidic media I have ever seen. I find myself laughing out loud. Please continue! Reply

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