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The Amidah: Our Forefathers

Discussions on Prayer, Lesson 42

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The Amidah: Our Forefathers : Discussions on Prayer, Lesson 42

The Amidah prayer begins with three blessings of praise that correspond to the three Patriarchs. The first blessing focuses on the special merit and quality of Abraham.
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R. S. kaplan April 3, 2016

Reciting the Amidah Everyone is obligated to recite the Amidah three times (Women twice)a day. When possible, men should do this with a Minyan to fulfill the additional obligation of public prayer. Reply

Eileen Glasco Oviedo April 2, 2016

Discussion on prayer Your teaching on prayers have been invaluable to me. I still have a great deal to learn about Judaism and study every day. My question is. When saying the Amidah can I say it at home without a Minyan?
Thank you

Janice Denver November 19, 2015

Amidah Rabbi Kaplan;

thank you for your years of devotion to the King, His Torah and His people. Reply

amichai MN October 27, 2015

live tv I thought live tv no longer existed?
thankyou for this!! Reply

Daniel Dobrin Atlanta georgia October 27, 2015

Shmuel is the best! Sorry thanks thank you

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We spend much time each day reciting the words of the siddur. Join us to enhance your prayers and become more proficient in understanding and mastering the prayer liturgy. This comprehensive series on Tefillah explores the special meaning embedded in the text of our prayers—elucidating, step by step, the words, structure, and progression of the siddur.
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