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Love G-d with Your Evil Inclination?


Love G-d with Your Evil Inclination?

The Torah commands us to “love G-d with all your heart”. The Hebrew word for 'heart' is spelled with an extra letter: the letter 'vet' appears twice. Our Sages explain that this means that we are to love G-d with both inclinations of the heart, the good (yetzer tov) and the evil (yetzer hara). But how can one possibly love G-d with one's evil inclination?! This class offers three answers in ascending sequence and offers a parallel model for a blissful marriage.
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Marriage, Eikev, Va'etchanan, Shema, Animal Soul, Love of G-d

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Tristan Krahn Lloydminster, Canada April 26, 2018

If I am hearing this correctly, the third level is doing the sin and feeling guilty because feeling guilty leads us to understand that something is wrong, why it is wrong, and brings us closer to HaShem through this understanding. We can know something is wrong and never do it; we can know something is wrong and want to do it, but instead do something good; or we can know something is wrong and do it anyway, but feel guilty because now we know why it is wrong. Now, this is not to say we should do a sin just to gain the insight, but it makes sense that missing the mark can teach us how to hit the mark the next time.. Reply

Anonymous August 29, 2016

source for this talk I was wondering if you would be able to share the source in chassidus for this talk.

thank you Reply

Tom Moniz Stuart, FL April 29, 2016

I have never heard it explained better. Seems HaShem may have helped him give this 4 hour teaching in 30 minutes! יברכך השם Reply

Tom Moniz Stuart, FL April 29, 2016

Indeed a tremendously insightful message. A 3 hour lecture in 1/4 of the time, surely HaShem must have influenced it.

יברכך השם Reply

Michael James USA August 15, 2015

I am not a jew but this message" Love G d with your evil inclination" is really fantastic!!!! Reply

Uri Yitzchak Orlando,FL August 7, 2015

...what a beautiful and awesome Torah insight. Never heard about this third level ,which I suppose is according to Kabbalah and Chassidut. Thank you Rabbi New for sharing this Torah pearl, and G-d bless you too!! Reply

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