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The Genealogy of Challah

The Story Behind the Double Loaf

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The Genealogy of Challah: The Story Behind the Double Loaf

This class focuses on principles related to the bread for the Shabbat meals. We explore the special mitzvah of the ‘Two Loaves of Bread’ on Shabbat.
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Malachi H August 14, 2015

To Anonymous in Mesa, AZ It seems, that a single Challah would suffice as a double portion... It's seemingly relative to the situation. One, however, should spend Shabbat with other Jews, those of The Faith.... may HaAv bless your family to come together, at least set you within a shul to oneg haShabbat.

For my comment on the video:
I'm wondering where the other video parts are to this Midrash/lesson? I learned a few new things, I'd love to see what else unravels.. I had lots of raised hands for input. I wonder if I'm correct or on the right track..?
Shalom, Reply

Anonymous Mesa, AZ July 31, 2015

The Genealogy of the Challah I have question. If the Challah is braided, meaning the double portion, why then one need to have two challah? And as for one person in the household, like mine. I am alone, and keep the Sabbah. I buy only one, but light three candles to include my family. Hoping that Hashem, blessed be He, one day bring back my family to the Jewish roots. B"H Reply

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