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When Sin Loses its Shame

Eicha in Depth, Part 7

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When Sin Loses its Shame: Eicha in Depth, Part 7

This text-based class on Megillat Eicha focuses on verse 9 of the first chapter.
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Ritual Purity, Lamentations

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1 Comment
Olivia Campos Brazil August 23, 2015

Dear Rabbi Mendel Kaplan,
Thank you.
I love your lessons about the Book of Eichah (Lamentations). This was a book in which I had little sympathy, but with your classes I could see the preciosity of it. And I love it. I became an addict by his lectures about this precious Book.
Has little time that you do not put video on verse 10 and I'm missing. Will we study the whole Book? I truly hope so.
Olivia Reply

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