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The Significance of Angels

Discussions on Prayer, Lesson 31

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The Significance of Angels : Discussions on Prayer, Lesson 31

In the blessings of the Shema we describe in great detail the lofty nature and divine service of the heavenly angels. In this lesson we explore three reasons why we focus in these prayers on the angels’ sanctifying G-d.
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Rabbi Kaplan Baltimore August 1, 2017

Angels are composed of soul and body. However, neither these are the same quality as those of humans. Their bodies are higher than the physical realm but their souls are of a lower spiritual quality.
rsk Reply

Lois R Jones running springs July 29, 2017

do angels have a soul? Reply

Rabbi Kaplan July 26, 2015

I have never seen or experienced the presence of an angel. What I describe and discuss about the angles comes from the Kabbalah and Chassidic philosophy.

The G-dly soul originates from a higher source and is also more complicated (in terms of more identity) than an angle and therefore, a soul can rise to a higher level than an angle without becoming fully absorbed in the Divine realm. Nevertheless, a soul also instinctively strives to become absorbed and that is why it is compared to a flame which is always drawn upward. When a soul departs from the body it returns to a level of heaven commensurate with the form of service that it achievement in this world and then continues to rise from level to level but never becoming totally absorbed and therefore retaining its distinct identity.

The description of angles as animals is due to the instinctual nature of their Divine service. A human being acting instinctually is acting in an ainimalistic fashion. Reply

slavyanka petrich July 23, 2015

just questions The rabbi seems to know more about the angels. He is very confident when he speaks about them. What I would like to ask the rabbi to explain is how Adam had his animalistic origin as G-d created him from soil. Has the rabbi seen an angle so far and if "yes" what type of angel? Reply

Dawn Copley Los Angeles July 23, 2015

I believe that insinuating animals with implied evil should be banned from our vernacular. Animals are kind and naturally follow G-d. It's been said that animals are on the same level as angels. Sub-consciously, it implies discrimination, disgust and negativity when we speak of people behaving like animals. it is diminishing to G-d's creatures. It also invokes that animals are worthless and that it's ok to treat them as dumb, worthless, trash. It's the opposite because they are sentient beings and many of them display love, trust, and kindness. To use these terms, it programs our minds to devalue the sanctity of their existence. Their fear, their sadness, their suffering and so forth. We are the ones who inflict such evil, barbaric, sadistic and unspeakable evils upon all animals. Especially the docile ones that become brutalized and abused on factory farms, or in University experiments, etc...G-d gave the 7 Noahide to everyone and choose the Jews to teach the gentiles. Reply

D Eischen Minneapolis July 22, 2015

The Seraphim Angels When it was said that the Seraphim become absorbed into the divine realm (or essence maybe); does that mean that they are more than a separate part of G_ds actions being intelligent enough to act as an influence that would effect other Seraphim's functions. I have often thought of everything in creation having a cause and effect relating to the order of everything in some way like the way an element in a chemical equation each one having a preset reaction depending on the mix. This goes even to comparing the nucleus of an atom to be expanded all the way out to the way the solar systems are connected to the universe just so much larger and farther apart. So, what I am really wondering is when we die and our soul returns to G_d do we get absorbed at all into being a part and parcel of the divine realm like the Seraphim are? Reply

Casper Netherlands July 18, 2015

Great Very nice speaking, and such wondrous subjects! Reply

Anonymous Toronto July 14, 2015

re: Angels So very informative; learned so much, Thank You!
Great Speaker! Reply

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