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Why We Find It So Difficult to Be Happy

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Why We Find It So Difficult to Be Happy

How a shift in mindset helps us beat the blues and remain happy, even in tough times.
Adar, Joy; Happiness

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Anonymous USA May 6, 2017

I enjoyed your talk, but the talking of the audience takes away from it because we can't hear what they say and we miss your wisdom. Reply

Tash August 7, 2016

Once again, as always, this is a marvelous and very touching lecture, thanks! Reply

s UK July 27, 2016

Sad It is so sad that this discussion is limited to technology, cars, luxuries in my opinion. These false gadgets of social interaction will be the cause of future mental health issues.

Yet, if you look at articles and comments in various places on ChaBaD one finds the biggest problems people face are Isolation, inability to connect with fellow believers due to distance. Losing faith because they have no immediate confidence, educator, mentor or support.

Make someone happy, smile, and communicate with people - start sharing your life with fellow people in your community. Reply

Rolando VA August 6, 2015

I appreciate this lesson so much. "G-d is in control" is a Torah principle addressing even personality types. Reply

victoria ovejero tucuman July 7, 2015

Why We Find It So Difficult to Be Happy I think we find be difficult happy because we live in the world.
But if we change our mind, and pray to go G-D . He will help us

Shalom ubraja Rabbi Reply

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