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Gimmel Tammuz Farbrengen: R' Mendel Kaplan

Central Aguch Farbrangen 5775

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Gimmel Tammuz Farbrengen: R' Mendel Kaplan: Central Aguch Farbrangen 5775

Gimmel Tammuz

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Judith BROOKLYN June 23, 2015

Needs Explaining You keep on saying "the Rebbe lives" but at the same time you talk about regularly visiting the Ohel-cemetery. I don't understand. Reply

David USA November 21, 2020
in response to Judith:

I think the point is that the Rebbe still lives despite the Ohel...the Alter Rebbe was able to see the "recognize" the Arizal - who had technically been niftar for over 100 years. Reply

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